Frequently Asked Questions


What is my password if I want to order a publication in KCPL electronic catalogue?
A primary password is your surname typed in Lithuanian letters (if the surname includes any). Later the password can be changed.

How can I log in to KCPL electronic catalogue?
In our website www.kvb.lt  there is a link Search the Catalogue. Clicking the link will open the window which will help searching the catalogue.


What is the address of the KCPL electronic catalogue?

Search parameters at the Electronic Catalogue
It is not necessary to fill in all the fields on the form.

If you know the title of the publication, fill in the field Title. If the title is long, write only the beginning of it. If you know only a part of a title, after filling in the Title field choose search option (on the right) All words. Click Search.

If you know the author of the publication, fill in the field Author. Group. First write surname, then last name (only a surname is enough). You can use the author database by clicking the option with ellipsis punctuation mark. Click Search.

In the field Any word you can type in any word, phrase or part of it. You can replace part of a word by symbols ‘‘*’’ or ‘‘_’’ (‘‘*’’ replaces part of the word regardless of its length and ‘‘_’’ replaces one symbol in a word).

If you are searching for publications in Russian, both Russian and Lithuanian symbols can be used.

In the Advanced search option you can search for publications using more specific information (to get short explanations of search options click on the option title).
If you are searching for publications on a particular topic, fill in the field Subject; type keywords you want to appear in the search results or click the option with ellipsis punctuation mark to get the subject data basis. Click Search.
If you are searching for information on a prominent person, fill in the field About person. Click Search.
If you know the Index of Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) for the topic that you are searching, type it in the field UDC Index. Click Search.

Fill in the field Date of publication to search for publications published in a specific time period (typing the same year in both fields will search for publications which were published in one year period). In the table Data of copy mark the fund from which the publication should be ordered. Fill in Library Card number and Password. Click Order.

For more information, please click Help.


How can I renew my books?
You can renew your books (exceptions are very popular publications) in person at the Library or by contacting the department which had lent the publication. The contacts are:

You can also renew items online before their due date.  In the Electronic Catalogue click on My area and login with your LIBIS Library card number and Password (be sure the information is correct).  After clicking Login you will see the list of borrowed items.  Then click Renew on the chosen item and enter a new due date and click the option Renew. Please note that the items which had reached the deadline cannot be renewed.


How can I reserve a publication?
Publications can be reserved in KCPL Electronic Catalogue. You can reserve publications from fields of humanities and natural science which are borrowed from Reading Room Fund (taking out on loan) and fiction publications which are borrowed from Fiction fund.

In the Electronic Catalogue find the necessary publication, click Order and you will see a table The data of copy. In the box Reserve choose the fund from which you would like to pick up the publication. Enter the date, your e-mail (be sure not to make any mistakes) and click Reserve. Check your e-mail for the confirmation. If you have any questions, please call (8 37) 32 44 42


How long can I borrow books for?
It depends on a lending department. Books are loaned for 30 days at these locations: Fiction, Music Department, Natural Sciences and Humanities (very popular publications - from 7 to 15 days) and Lending Desk/Central Depository (very popular publications – up to 15 days). Books are loaned for 15 days at these locations: German and Swiss Libraries, Art Reading Room, Periodicals Department and Children’s Literature Department.


Who can borrow Library materials?
Materials can be borrowed by the residents of Kaunas County and Marijampolė County and persons who work and/or study in Kaunas. For more information about the borrowing, please read Library Regulations.

What should I do if I have lost my LIBIS Library Card?
If you have lost your LIBIS Library Card, please inform our staff as soon as possible either by phone (8 37) 32 42 59, by e-mail registracija@kvb.lt or in person at Registration and Information Desk  located at Radastų St. 2, II floor (bring an ID).


What should I do if I have lost the borrowed item?
If a reader loses or damages a book, he/she must replace the item by a new copy or another item which is approved by the Library. Purchase an exact replacement book and bring it to the department from which it was borrowed. If it is not possible to return the replacement copy, please contact a supervisor of the department for more information about other replacement options.


Where can I find information about the Library events?
To find out more about the Library events, please visit our website www.kvb.lt and click Events. Moreover, you can stay up-to-date with the news on the Library activities and events by subscribing free of charge monthly Newsletter.


In which libraries can I use my LIBIS Reader‘s Certificate?
LIBIS Library Card is valid in the libraries which had joined LIBIS system. Click the link to see the list of these libraries: http://www.libis.lt/content/info/libraries.jsp.


How can I join the Library?

LIBIS Library Card can be obtained at:
Registration Desk (Radastų St. 2, II floor lobby), phone (8 37) 32 42 59;
The Old and Rare Prints Department (K. Donelaičio St. 8, II floor), phone (8 37) 32 43 76;

Children’s Literature Department (K. Donelaičio St. 8 / Lydos St. 2), phone (8 37) 32 42 25.

In order to get LIBIS Library Card it is obligatory to present a valid ID card (containing your full name, personal number and a photo); fill in and sign the Registration Form (agreeing that the person provided valid personal information, got familiar with the Library rules  and accepts that the Library will manage the personal information);  present a proof that the person lives and/or studies in Kaunas; LIBIS Library Card (if the person owns one from another library) or obtain it at KCPL.

LIBIS Library Card fixed charge is 4Lt. LIBIS Library Card is free of charge to: pensioners, unemployed persons, children (under the age of 14), inmates of children’s home (under the age of 18) and persons with disability (55 percent and less capacity for work). It is obligatory to provide a proof of exemption.

Children and teenagers under the age of 16 can be registered if parent/guardian had filled in application form and came to the Library in person or they can present the application form and a copy of the ID of their parent/guardian who filled in the form. Inmates of children’s home have to present a certificate from the institution.

For more information, please read Library Regulations or contact us via phone.



What are the Library working hours?
Library working hours are: at Radastų St. 2 Monday – Friday 8.30-19, Saturday 10-17 and at Donelaičio St. 8 Monday – Friday 10—18, Saturday 10-17. The last Wednesday of every month is The Clean-Up Day; the readers will not be served. Library working hours differ in July and August. For more information, please read Working Hours.


Lending publications out of Central Depository Delivery Service
Publications are for an in-house use or can be borrowed. It is not possible to borrow these materials: encyclopaedias, dictionaries, the last copy of a publication in Lithuanian (except fiction), materials published before 1946 and valuable/popular foreign publications (exceptions are sponsors, Honour Readers and individuals with disability, 25% capacity of work or individuals who require assistance for disabilities).
You can borrow up to 10 items for an in house use. You can take out on loan up to 5 items for the maximum period of 30 days. To find out more call (8 37) 32 44 43 or email at isdavimas@kvb.lt.


How can I cancel an order of a publication via the Internet?
In the Electronic Catalogue click on My Area and you will see a list of ordered items.  Find the item you would like to cancel and click on Cancel order. Keep in mind that the operation can be cancelled if the order was submitted. After it was performed cancelation will not be possible.

What are the fees for overdue books?
If KCPL user (from age 16) does not return or renew the items before or on the final due date she/he has to pay a fine for each day the book is overdue, starting the following day after the due date. Fine rate is 10 cents per item per day. The days when the Library is closed are excluded.

If KCPL user is under age 16, he/she will not have to pay any fines. However, he/she will not be able to borrow any Library material (temporarily). The length of suspension depends on the period of time after the final deadline of overdue unless it is longer than 6 months.

For more information please read Library Regulations.


What services does the Inter Library Loan (ILL) provide?
If You did not find the necessary materials they can be obtained through ILL which allows ordering them from other libraries. The request can be made at Radastų St. 2 (II floor, room 234) or by e-mail tba@kvb.lt. This service is charged. For more information about the ILL please read Inter Library Regulations.


Which databases subscribed by KCPL can I use from home?
If you own LIBIS Library Card, you can access EBSCO, Emerald, Oxford Art Online, Oxford, Music Online and Oxford Reference Online databases.  For the login name and password please contact the Electronic Information Reading Room (Radastų St. 2, room 321) or send an e-mail to eis@kvb.lt. This service is free of charge.


Is it possible to return a publication not during the working hours?
Yes, it is possible. Even if the Library is closed, you can return any borrowed publication by using the self-service return station located at the service entrance (Radastų St. 2). If the publications are overdue, the fine will be added to your electronic logbook.


Is it possible to copy a publication?
Yes, it is possible to copy publications. In order to use this service you will have to purchase a copy card for self-service copiers. The copiers are located at:  Radastų St. 2 (III floor lobby, Periodical Department, room 305; at the lending desk of Natural Sciences, room 415) and at K. Donelaičio St. 8 (I floor lobby Music Department). Only the credit cards purchased at our Library are valid. For more information and the price list please read The List of Charged Services.


Is there a wireless Internet access in the Library?
Yes, there is. Our Library offers free access to the Internet at Radastų St. 2 (II floor lobby) and K. Donelaičio St. 8 (Music Department, I floor). The password is ‘‘biblioteka’’. In addition, there is another wireless connection provided by TEO called ‘‘Zebra’’ which is located at Radastų St. 2. This connection is not free and requires a personal user account.