Registration and nformation

Radastų St. 2, II floor lobby
Tel. (8-37) 32 42 59
E-mail: registracija@kvb.lt
Working hours:
I–V 8.30 – 19.00
VI 10.00 – 17.00
*The last Wednesday of every month is The Clean-Up Day; the readers will not be served..
We offer the following services:

  • Provide information about the library and the Library Regulations.
  • Register KCPL users.
  • Issue permanent LIBIS Reader’s Certificate
    • Present an ID containing your full name, personal number and a photo. You will have to fill in the Reader’s Registration Form. The fixed charge is 4 Lt.
    • The Reader’s Certificate is free of charge* to:
      • persons with disability (55 percent and less capacity for work);
      • unemployed persons;
      • inmates of  Children's Homes (under the age of 18);
      • children (under the age of 14);
      • pensioners.

With LIBIS Reader’s Certificate it is possible to borrow publications from Lithuanian libraries which had joined the LIBIS system. Libraries which belong to the LIBIS sytem:

  • Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania
  • Lithuanian Library of the Blind
  • Lithuanian Library of Medicine
  • Lithuanian Technical Library and its branches in Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys and  Šiauliai
  • Lithuanian Agricultural Library
  • Vincas Kudirka Public Library of Kaunas
  • Public Library of Kaunas District (Garliava)

Public libraries:

  • Klaipeda County Public Ieva Simonaityte Library
  • Panevezys County G. Petkevicaite - Bite Public Library
  • Siauliai County Povilas Visinskis Public Library
  • Adomas Mickevicius Vilnius County Public Library
  • Jurgis Kuncinas Public Library of Alytus
  • Public Library of Alytus District Municipality
  • Public Library of Akmene District Municipality
  • Public Library of Anyksciai District Municipality
  • Birstonas Municipal Public Library
  • Public Library of Birzai District Municipality
  • Druskininkai Municipality Public Library
  • Public Library of Elektrenai Municipality
  • Public Library of Ignalina District Municipality
  • Public Library of Jonava District Municipality
  • Jonas Avyzius Public Library of Joniskis District Municipality
  • Public Library of Jurbarkas District Municipality
  • Public Library of Kaisiadorys District Municipality
  • Public Library of Kazlu Ruda Municipality
  • Kedainiai District Municipality Mikalojus Dauksa Public Library
  • Zemaites Public Library of Kelme District Municipality
  • Jonas Lankutis Public Library of Klaipeda District
  • Public Library of Klaipeda Municipality
  • M. Valancius Public Library of Kretinga Municipality
  • Public Library of Kupiskis District Municipality
  • Public Library of Lazdijai District Municipality
  • Petras Kriauciunas Public Library of Marijampole
  • Public Library of Mazeikiai District Municipality
  • Public Library of Moletai District Municipality
  • Public Library of Neringa Municipality
  • Public Library of Pagegiai Municipality
  • Juozas Paukstelis Public Library of Pakruojis District Municipality
  • Palanga Municipal Public Library
  • Panevezys City Municipal Public Library
  • Public Library of Panevezys District Municipality
  • Marius Katiliskis Public Library of Pasvalys District Municipality
  • Plunge District Municipal Public Library
  • Public Library of Prienai District Municipality
  • Radviliskis Municipality Public Library
  • Raseiniai District Municipality Public Library
  • Rietavas Municipal Public Library
  • Rokiskis District Municipal Public Library
  • Skuodas Municipal Public Library
  • Sakiai District Municipal Public Library
  • Public Library of Salcininkai District Municipality
  • Siauliai City Municipality Public Library
  • Siauliai District Municipal Public Library
  • Silalė District Municipal Public Library
  • Fridrichas Bajoraitis Public Library of Silute District Municipality
  • Svencionys District Municipal Public Library
  • Taurage Municipality Public Library
  • Karolina Praniauskaite Public Library of Telsiai District Municipality
  • Trakai District Municipal Public Library
  • Vladas Slaitas Public Library of Ukmerge District Municipality
  • Utena A. and M. Miskiniai Public Library
  • Varena District Municipal Public Library
  • Vilkaviskis District Municipal Public Library
  • Central Library of Vilnius District
  • Visaginas Municipal Public Library
  • Zarasai District Municipality Public Library
  • Issue a one-time Reader’s Certificate (Present an ID and pay a fixed charge of 1 Lt). This Certificate will allow you to use the Library services, except for
    • taking publications out on loan,
    • free internet use,
    • Inter-library subscription service.
  • Collect charges for paid services and fines for overdue books.

There were four computer workstations installed while carrying out the project “Libraries for Innovation”. There you can:

  • browse the Internet,
  • use the software installed on the computers,
  • use e-mail, internet telephony,
  • save information to a CD or USB flash drive.

Charged services

  • Black-and-white printing: A4 size - 0,34 Lt; on both sides - 0,65 Lt
  • Black-and-white printing (with pictures): A4 size - 0,36 Lt; on both sides - 0,71 Lt.
  • Scanning: A4 size - 0,50 Lt 
  • Copying: 0,20 Lt

* It is obligatory to present a proof of exemption. If you lose your Reader’s Certificate, you will have to pay the full price for a new one.