Library projects

  1. Project ‘‘BiblioHealth’’. The aim of this Project is to provide information and guidance regarding health to the elderly people.

  3. Project ‘‘Skaitmeninimo mokymai Lietuvos apskričių viešųjų bibliotekų specialistams’’ (Eng. trainings in digitization for the specialists of the Lihuanian libraries). The aim of the project is to train the librarians to carry out the digitization of the cultural heritage and achieve excellent result in a short period of time. 

  5. Project ‘‘Lietuvos apskričių bibliotekų darbuotojų kvalifikacijų ir gebėjimų tobulinima” (Eng. qualification and skill improvement for the employees of the Lithuanian libraries). The aim of the project is to build up the professional competence and general skills of the employees so that they could provide an excellent customer service.

  7. Skill improvement training for the members of the Lithuanian Librarians Association.

  9. The Swiss contribution to the Kaunas city’s cultural heritage. The aim of the project is not only to introduce the locals to the ongoing and future improvements in Kaunas cultural and public life but also to introduce them to the most important figures regarding the cultural, educational and public life of Switzerland.


  1. Project ReBeL: Reading Between the Lines. The aim of the project is to promote reading activities as a tool for the improvement of the European consciousness.


  1. Project ‘‘Bibliotekos pažangai’’ (Eng. Libraries for Innovation). The aim of the project is to ensure the availability of the library computers with public Internet access as well as receive trainings and consultations regarding the information technologies.


  1. Project ‘‘Virtualios elektroninio paveldo sistemos plėtra’’ (Eng. Development of the Virtual Electronic Heritage System). The aim of the project is to ensure further development of the digitization and creation of the digital cultural heritage content and access to it.


  1. Project ‘‘Kauno savastis Lietuvos tūkstantmečio kontekste’’ (Eng. Kaunas Identity in Context of Millennium of Lithuania). The aims of the project is to provide educational needs for the public; highlight the importance of the preservation of the cultural heritage and improve its research; create traditions regarding the sponsorship and preservation of the cultural heritage; cultivate a respect and tolerance towards both Lithuanian and foreign cultural values.


  1. Film club ‘‘Penkios žvaigždutės’’ (Eng. five stars). The aim of the club is to promote films of a highly artistic content which are intended for niche market rather than mass audiences. In addition, it is a great opportunity to watch non-commercial films.


  1. Project ‘‘Kaunas: datos ir faktai’’ (Eng. Kaunas Dates and Facts). The aim of the project is to create a virtual content for self-educational needs suitable for the users of the Lithuanian Internet; promote the importance of the Lithuanian history as well as the cultural and public life in Lithuania.
  1. Project ‘‘Asmenybė ir knyga’’ (Eng. the personality and the book). The aim of the project is to increase interest in books and reading by providing Lithuanian celebrities as examples.


  1. E-directory ‘‘Žymūs žmonės: atminimo įamžinimas’’ (Eng. Famous people in Kaunas: perpetuation of remembrance). The aim is to provide a digital access to systemised information about prominent people who lived in Kaunas (a list of more than 300 people) for the public.


  1. Project ‘‘XV-XVIII a. knygos Kauno bibliotekose’’ (Eng. 15th – 18th century book in Kaunas Libraries).  The aim of the projects is to disseminate collected information about the cultural book heritage to Lithuanian and foreign book researchers. The information is collected from Kaunas libraries and museums.


  1. Project LIBIS (since 1995) Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Open Society Fund Lithuania, KCPL resources.


  1. Kaunas County Public Library the Old Foreign Book (16th – 18th centuries)


  1. Lithuanian Bibliography. C Series. Publications of Lithuanian Periodicals. 1910-1923. D. 1. Our Library was assigned to provide an analytical summary of Lithuanian newspapers, magazines and other continual journals which were published in 1910-1923. Moreover, the Library had to prepare bibliographical indexes of Lithuanian C series bibliography


  1. MINTIS - Modernių informacinių technologijų ir interneto skaitykla (Eng. reading room of the modern informational technologies and internet). The aim of the projects is to establish internet reading room for KCPL users and keep it up to date regarding the changes in the area of the informational technologies. This way the reading room would permanently become a centre of the modern informational technologies and internet.


  1. German cinematography. German culture in the German cinema. The aim of the project is to introduce the history and the development of the German cinema to the local society.


  1. Project ‘‘Paminklinė Prisikėlimo bažnyčia’’ (Eng. the monumental Resurrection Church). The aim of the project is to encourage the society to support the Resurrection Church not only for the renovation works  but also to turn it into a place for various cultural events.


  1. Project ‘‘J. Grušo “Barbora Radvilaitė” ir istorinė tiesa’’ (Eng. Grušas’ ‘‘Barbora Radvilaitė’’ and the historical truth). The aim of the project is to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of Grušas by highlighting his play ‘‘Barbora Radvilaitė’’ which is the most important literary heritage regarding drama.


  1. Project ‘‘Moksleivių su klausos negalia integracija į XXI a. informacinę visuomenę’’ (Eng. the integration of deaf students in the information society of the 21st centry). The aim of the project is to provide education and information about the informational society to the students who lack the power of hearing.


  1. Project ‘‘XX a. užsienio kompozitorių muzika: natų ir kompaktinių plokštelių kolekcija’’ (Eng. music of foreign composers: the note and CD collection). The aim of the project is to introduce and popularize various foreign music to the Kaunas society by arranging various cultural events.


  1. Project ‘‘Kompiuterinio raštingumo mokymo projektas ,,Europietiška informacinė visuomenė – tai mes’’’’ (Eng. project of computer literacy ‘‘European Informational Society — it’s Us’’). The aim of the project is to reduce social detachment by providing an opportunity to provide a general knowledge of the computer literacy to the seniors.